01wr stock tank gas mileage??

i thought i read that the wr gets about 35 mph to the gallon which would give it about a 120 mile range on a 3.5 gallon tank, i just picked my bike up and i got about 46 miles before i needed the reserve, i was riding on a MX track due to the weather but i don't think that should matter much? how many miles are you guys getting on a full tank??

I have a 98 WR400 with a stock tank and have found that on the track I hit reserve about the same mileage you did. When dual sport crusing I usually hit reserve about 60 to 70 mile range. Making full use of reserve has carried me as far as 105 miles. But this was pushing outside of the comfort zone, sucking fumes. Generally the 90 mile range of mild Gonzo single track trail riding is easy. Just be aware that reserve comes early.


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Yes reserve does come early! 100 miles is about the most you're going to get if you're gentle on the thottle. Also, the bike seems to run real crappy when you're running low on gas...or at least mine does.

got 121 miles on my 99WR once, then she ran out, that was including reserve....thought i had filled the tank the previous week but hadn't. i almost made it back to truck. 20 of those miles were ridden very conservativley once i realized i wouldn't make it back.


This past Sunday, we did about 130 miles in the Ocala Nat'l Forest on my '99. We topped off at about 25 miles and I needed about 0.96 gal. We rode another 80 miles before the next refill, and I expected to hit reserve, but I didn't. When I filled up, it took about 2.6 gal. A dude on a KTM 520 E/XC hit reserve at about 65 miles and ran out at 75. We had to turn the bike over on its side to get the gas at the bottom of the right side of his tank over to the left side petcock. That was enough gas to get us to the gas station. Good thing, because I was about to have to take off my tank so I could pour some gas from my tank to his. That would have been a PITA.


thanx for the info, i figured it had something to do with the fact i was on a mx track but i didnt know the reserve would be needed that early.i plan on doing the kokopelli trail from fruita,co. to moab, ut. soon and i guess i will need to stash gas or find a fuel station as it it is about 115 miles to moab by that route. thanks again.


And dont forget to run over a few mountainbikers on the trail

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