Carb leaking in YZ450


Have an 03 YZ450, leaking from hose as soon as I turn the gas on. I cleaned some funk out the bottom of the bowl, thought that was the issue closed it back up, but still the same issue. What's the best way to get the carb out of the bike?, not much room to work with the cables still attached. Would like to give it a more complete cleaning with the compressor.


i think i might know your problem, follow the hose that leaks up to the bottom of the carb. If it is the one i am thinking about, there might be an allen head screw at the top of the hose, tighten that and it might stop your leak. When i was putting in my zip ty screw i messed with that and when i loosened it gas poored out the hose. good luck


Check the float in the carb, that could wel be your problem, (its stuck down) try tapping the float chamber with a small hammer or screw driver if that fixes it replace the needle valve and seat..good luck

The fact that there was "funk" in the bowl makes me think the bowl is gummed up and just needs a good cleaning.

There's no "easy" way to remove the carb, but it is pretty easy to get it off. You just have to disconnect everything and it will pop right out.

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