Lucky escape or what?

I have been doing some routine maintenance today like repack the silencer, add a long fuel screw etc. Included in the list was valve clearance check and adjust if needed. One of the inlet valves was slightly out of spec so I removed the tensioner and the cam cover. I was aware of the locating clip in the cam bearing but due to old age or something it went under force of gravity straight down using the cam chain as a guide into the engine. B#####ks! No chance of getting it back through the top so I drained the oil and removed the generator cover. I was shocked to find the lower idler gear outer bearing to be cracked through and in 2 pieces. Up to now there had been no starter issues with this bike and as far as I was aware the casting broke elsewhere on the 2003 models. It looks like it has been like it for a while as there are signs of wear on the face of the back bearing which is the crankcase of course. Here is the pictorial evidence:

I will now do the 2004 mod as soon as I can get the parts. Does anyone do a complete kit for this mod?

It looks like I had a lucky escape here. Has anyone else had this happen in this way?

Yeah seen that. Unfortunately the casing is already toast so I will have to replace it. It must have been like that for some time. On closer inspection of the damage the casting looks painfully thin around the break. The price you pay for light and fast I guess. I have JB welded it (special epoxy) until I can arrange the parts from the US.

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