RMZ 450's cam chain problems

Have any of you seen those threads in the RMZ forum.. They have to adjust the cam chain tensioner like every other ride.

The chains are stretching and the pistions are smashing the valves to pieces!!! One guy has like 40 minutes on his and he's had to do it twice.

What a disaster.

I take for grated the reliability of my 426.

What possessed them to use a manual timing chain tensioner?

What possessed them to use a manual timing chain tensioner?

I'm noobish to this stuff, and why are 'they' claiming this is a great thing, where you need to dick with it every other ride?

And I've noticed that it seems numerous failures reported by various owners, like in the CRF forum, are getting flamed and talked down?

What?? Suzuki couldn't copy an automatic chain tensioner like the YZF has?? They seemed to copy most everything else "motor wise" from the Yamaha. I hope they copied Hondas frame correctly so they don't have any problems there. :D

Reading about the new RMZ makes me like my 426 more and more. :)

:D Typical for first year production........hopefully fixed for 2006. :)

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