Carb Trouble YZ426

Try draining the gas and starting fresh. I put good gas on top of bad gas for like half a season and I had the same problem as you.

Reading these posts, it sounds real similar to a problem my Dad had. His cdi was bad. It would run ok sometimes, other times like crap. After it go hot you could want 5 sometimes 15 minutes and it would run fine. Try testing it. A trick an old mechanic told me was if it dies or begins running like crap spray the cdi with starting fluid. That will cool it down and sometimes temporarily cause it to function properly.

I may be way off base, but its worth a check

just a thought..its eating plugs maybe its the ignition system thats week, could be your looking at the symptom not the cause. good luck

I am thinking along the lines of FOX426, seems like your problem lies with the gas. I was thinking it wasn't getting it though. I would take a peek and make sure your lines aren't clogged or pinched. Also pull the inlet fuel line off the carb and make sure that brass ringed thing is clean. You might also check the fuel valve on the tank.

Now I say that because you were saying how the plug was dry and you can't get it to richen up along with it dying off of the choke. The choke richens up the mix for a cold engine. The choke also seems to "suck" more fuel into the carb which might overcome a clog. A lean mix will give a motor a little more power and alot more heat. That heat can very easily chew the plugs up quick. I am leaning towards thinking ur not getting the fuel in that you need. Good luck and keep us posted. Hope I have helped.

Oh, what plugs u using, NGK CR8E??????

The bike is actually running good now (as long as this plug doesnt go for a shit) As I mentioned just a few posts back I am back to stock jetting other than needle clip position#3 Since I did that the plug seems to be burning much cleaner and so far its starting up good. So with that said, Ive got my fingers crossed and will ride it like that and keep an eye on my plug.....If it begins to give me greif starting in the near future than I will know that I need to start looking at other avenues. Thanks again for all the valuable imput! You guys are great. :)

Been a few weeks now and still on the same plug!! Its been starting up 1-2 kicks every time!

Glad to hear it is running fine. Next time it craps on you you may need to look at that lighting coil. My electrex light coil went sour . The wrapped poles got black,cooked looking( the ones for the engine). It got to the point of not running at all. I put in the stock magnito part and it runs beautifully.I am getting a new lighting coil and crossing my fingers.

Just some more food for thought.

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