Acerbis 3.3 Tank... Need One

Acerbis sent me a YZ450 tank (wrong need a 03' WR450) and I sent it back, that was a month ago. Now I find out they don't expect to have any till late June.

Help... anyone out there got a line on one? I may even overnight it for WCTT4.

Appreciate any help.


Fullerton, CA

The Acerbis (GYTR) 3.3 Gallon tank fits both the YZ and WR in 2003. Why are you having a fit issue? :)

Then the tank was mismarked because there was no way I could get the forward bolts in (off by 3").


Here is a handy alternative instead of a bigger tank - and a whole lot cheaper - At camping stores they sell alluminum fuel bottles ($11 each - normally for backpacking white gas for stoves). I was able to fit two of the largest bottles (each 1/4 gal) in my camelback backpack. They easily fit in the pack, even with 3 quarts of juice in the drink pouch. A small rag between the two bottles keep them from clanking together.

I know it may sound dangerous - but these are really tough bottles, specifically designed to carry petrol fuels. One of the guys I ride with was a forest fire fighter - they backpack in these bottles all the time for their chain saws -they are secure and never leak. This trick got me through Baja a few weeks ago - I hand no problem keeping up with the "Exxon Valdez" tanked bikes using a stock tank and the extra 1/2 gal on my back - I got rid of the extra gas as soon as my main tank permitted, and I did not really feel the extra weight. Bonus - in a pinch, a fuel bottle can be used to transfer gas between bikes.

Thanks Handy... yea I've already got 3 alum fuel bottles (.9 L) and they are excellent. I also carry 2 in the pack and planned on taping the third to the from fender if needed. It always seems like someone runs short of fuel so I need the big tank for me and carry for everyone else. :) Actually I have some Baja rides that I want my pack to carry other things.


Everytime I go into Scotts I notice they have a lot of tanks in stock.. If you need a tank in a hurry call them or go down there.. (818)248-bike (If I remember correctly)


Thanks Dan I'll give em a try.


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