2001 Suspension fit a 2000 WR?

The reviews I've read about the 2001 WR/YZ seem to indicate that the valving and springs in the forks are way better than the 2000 model. Same for the rear shock.

Anyone know if these parts will work in the 2000 model? It might be a lot cheaper than having an aftermarket suspension rebuild.

FYI, I just mean the valving and springs on the front not the entire forks.

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I dont know about interchangability, but I have rode an 01 and the suspention has definitly improved. I considered an upgrade and my wife reminded me "I get the next bike", well that's the way it goes sometimes. She's happy with her new bike and I'll hope for more improvements for 02.

James: That's an interesting question. Jeremy Wilkey of MX-Tech has an open forum at www.dirtrider.net You could ask him. I'm not advocating his business here, but he does give professional advice for free at that forum.

I checked with my local dealer (right after posting) and they told me the part numbers were the same for 2000 & 2001 on all the parts they checked while I was there.

Possible meaning?

1. Selling 2001 parts for replacements on the 2000.

2. The database is wrong.

3. The reviewers are idiots (no change).

4. There is an idiot behind the computer.

If #2 is correct then replacing any fork valving or springs on a y2k bike requires the same to both forks. It could also be a cheaper upgrade than Gold Valves.

Keep in mind that #3 and #4 are probably true no matter what and #2 is very possible based on my previous experience trying to order a clamp for my Y2K bike! :D

My dealer just kept suggesting Gold Valves and having a local specialty shop do the work. :)

BTW, I was looking at the new 426 and the only visible difference I could see was the chrome (rather than black) pipe. It does look better that way!

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