whats a leak jet?

OK i have been out of the loop for a while, but what the h@ll is a leak jet and why do i want to solder it shut?

thanks for the help!

Look in the bottom of the float bowl and you will see a small brass jet. That is your leak jet. In Colorado you may want to just buy a 40 leak jet due to your altitude. :)

The Leak Jet is located in the bottom of the float bowl and helps regulate the duration of the Accelerator Pump squirt. The smaller the Leak jet, the longer the squirt, as less gas "leaks" back into the float bowl and is therefore available for the Accelerator Pump. Changing it reduces/eliminates the off idle bog common to the WR bikes. Soldering it shut provides the maximum duration for the squirt. When you get into modifying your intake and exhaust, you can get into a situation where so much air is flowing that your squirt duration is no longer adequate in compensating for the low vacuum condition found in four strokes when coming off of idle. The AP squirt is designed to compensate for this lack of vacuum which is unable to "suck" enough gas into the carb. The Accelerator pump mechanically squirts a measured amount of gas into the carb, artificially boosting the RPM's until the vacuum of the engine builds up enough to start sucking gas on its own. Then again, I may be totally wrong...My wife tells me that all the time...SC

Thanks for the help, and dont worry i am always wrong with my wife to. so it cant be just you.

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