Is buying in NV enough to get dual status in CA?

I have searched this forum for 3.25 hours now reading all the threads about getting a CA bike street legal. I dont the the "specialized" or "kit vehicle" law will work for me. I have no problem getting the street legal kit from Trick Dual sport either. Im currently searching the internet to find out if I buy the bike In Nevada, so the title states "dual sport", will that be enough for me to reg it here with that status so I can use it on the steets?

Thanks all


check out the CA DMV website. I tried to register my 03 WR450 and was told CA is no longer allowing duel sport conversions so i was going to register in Nevada but when you transfer into CA the DMV wants to see the emission label for 03 and newer.

You'd have to dualsport it in Nevada, get a Nevada plate then transfer the title to California. The best case scenario is to make a deal with a local dealer here that if you buy a kit from Dale through their shop that they would title the bike as an ON road motorcycle and NOT an off HWY motorcycle.. That would be the best...

I have an 03 WR 450 that I just had plated out of state (in Ohio). How I was able to accomplish this is as follows:

I had a family member living out of state, whom I trusted enough to transfer the title into their name. Then I requested an out of state imspection form from Ohio. I took that form to a Police officer who filled it out for me in Ca. Then I mailed that form to my family member in Ohio who took that and the title into the DMV and walked out with Ohio plates :)

Getting it plated out of CA is not a problem but you will get hastled by the police and rangers. CA only allows a few days to register a vehicle once it enters the state but you won't have the emissions sticker so no CA plate unless you know a LIO that will sign it off for you. Here is from the DMV website:

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) established emission regulations for on-highway motorcycles beginning with 1978-year models. Off-highway motorcycles must have an emission label affixed to the vehicle indicating certification by the manufacturer for on-highway use when converting to on-highway or dual registration. Registration guidelines for off-highway motorcycles converting to on-highway or dual registration require verification of the emission label.

Off-highway motorcycles previously converted to on-highway or dual registration will not be subject to verification. Off-highway motorcycles year model 2003 and newer with a red sticker will not be allowed to convert.


is this for a wr450 or a wr250. There might be another option. call me at 661-268-1094.


if there is a way, please let me know!!!!

Thanks for the replies guys. Im also currently checking with a dealer in NV regarding this. Dale, Ill be calling you tomorrow.

Hmmm, I wonder, will a PO box in Nevada do the trick?? HMmmmmm.....

I would love to find a loop hole to get my bike plated. Not so much for the street but I would like to ride in the mountains and even the dirt roads are considered highways. I have family in Oregon. MOto619... can you give me some more details so I can see if this might work for me. thanks

Your gonna have to buy an older and already plated bike :)

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