Clattery Chain

I've had my 02 WR426 for two years now and am still over the moon with it.

The only hiccup i've had, and its a minor one, is a very clattery chain/chain guide sound, which other riders have commented on and an O-ring chain which doesn't appear to hold lube.

Its been there every since I bought it (second hand).

I clean it regularly, lube it after each ride/wash, and keep it properly adjusted, but no matter what I do it seems to run dry after five minutes of riding and makes a hell of a racket.

I've checked some of the usual signs of wear indicated in the manual (measuring a set number of links and seeing if its within spec etc).

The sprockets are in perfect condition and I cant find anything loose anywhere.

Anyone had the same problem?

I think I saw the solution to this posted here about a year ago. Remove the rear mount on the forward chain guide, clean both the guide and swingarm surface with brake cleaner, and lay down a thick bead of silicone on the swingarm. After it sets up for a while, reattach the guide, and wipe off whatever squeezes out from underneath. Clattering sound solved!

I used 3M weather strip cement on mine.

Thats a good idea with the 3m tape. I will have to do that next time i work on the bike...

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