cause of overheating

Wow, he actually went an took a picture of the plug!

Now thats a man that wants his bike to run!

See that brown color, thats good, just that the plug is old.

Get a new one.

You need to take off the "Rubber collar" that goes from the front of the carb to the intake on the engine, take that off and look thru it, if theres a metal plate inside reducing the inner diameter than that intake is stock and needs to be replaced with the HRC unit.

Right on Frogman! The rubber collar on the bike now is the open one Honda part#16211-mbn-640. Most of the mods ( I now discover after tearing the bike apart, had already been done except there was the 178/65s jet setup). When I put in the 175/68s jets everything went to poop-very difficult to start and running hot. Now let's think this through: plug fouled (It didn't look that bad did it?);air screw/idle not adjusted properly (too rich?); valve out of adjustment? float bowl stuck? (really guessing on this one). Or someone has given my bike the evil eye and I'm just screwed. :)

Man, the starting BS and the popping wouldn't go away on mine, and the chance of it just dying when I needed it the most was always with me, I went the jetting route, just like you are now, I changed out to the 68s, all kinds of mains, needle up and down and played with the low speed till I was just sick of it.

If you really want to get away from all of those problems, and see just how beautifully a 650R can run, than get the Edelbrock Quicksilver.

All I did was bolt mine on, perfect right out of the box, I fell in LOVE with my pig all over again, but this time for real.

Barnums is a first rate outfit, get them to send you one.

Otherwise, you may get used to the mistune, but the bike will never be close to its true great potential.

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