Motorcycle USA 450 comparo - WR vs. CRFX

By the way, "At the end of our test, Yamaha's WR wins a very close decision."WR450 vs. CRF450X

The WR, once again, is proven to be an awesome off - road bike. I love it.

I can't be matter what the Red Camp comes out with. (except maybe a Works 650R, but that's about it.) :)

Nice. Cycle World tested 4 bikes and picked WR also.

Interestingly enough, of the four "shootouts" I have seen (Dirt Rider, Dirt Bike, Cycle World, and Motorcycle USA), the WR has beaten the Honda in three. Dirt Rider ranked the Honda higher, and even "Bike of the Year," even though the KTM actually won the 450cc endure shootout.

The Honda is a great bike to be sure, but at $600 less, the Yamaha is hard to beat.

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