will a 250r carb be enough for an 83xr500r

hello, i am looking for a carb for my 83 xr500r motor with a single carb. it is an RFVC motor and will have a racing muffler,jet kit and a cam and maybe a portjob, it will have a clamp on filter with no airbox.the carb i am looking at is a 36mm i believe, will this be enough, and if not what is a good size for this engine. i am looking for a cheap replacement. i only have the junk frozen dual carbs now.

The stock XR250 carb is only 30mm so its nowhere near big enough for your beast. A 36mm off an XL500S or earlier XR500 will do the trick, but why not go for an XR600 carb, as it is a 39mm but you'll need to rejet it accordingly. To be honest though, I would persist with the dual carbs as they did actually work well on the bigger engines. For instance, I have an '85 XR600 in the workshop that outpowers my '95 XR600, both bikes stock and derestricted, get that!

i may check into some new ones off ebay, mine are broken and frozen, somebody wired them together to stay straight.

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