XR650R stock handguards

Does anyone have a pair of stock handguards that they took off and would like to get rid of? I'm kinda on a budget so I can't buy them new from Honda or buy a nice set of Cycra's or Enduro Engineering guards. I would like new takeoffs if possible and they must be off of a 650R, 650L, 600, 400 and 250's won't work. Compression release on top of the clutch perch. Thanks guys

I still have mine, did you want perfect one's or are a few scratches alright?

I would like as close to new as possible. I already have scratched up handguards so why bother. If they are minor thats fine.

I took a look at them, they are totally functional, but do have some scratches on them.

Let me know if you still want pics

Hey I got a pair to if you want them just minor scratches, pay for shipping and theyre yours! Oh yeh pigs can really fly...

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