Engine oil drain plug

Are all oil drain plugs the same for XR's? I have a 97 600, and I need a new one. I would prefer a magnetic one, but the one in the TT store isn't available anymore. Any good advice on where to get one? :)


or XR's only

Magnetic drain plugs are super easy to make. I make them from the stock drain plugs. I drill them with a "D" bit and enlarge the hole just a little bit more. Then I put a dab of JB Weld in the hole and press in a 0.250" X 0.50" rare earth cylindrical magnet. I've been doing this for many years on cars, trucks, bikes, etc, and haven't had any issues other than the junk that collects on the magnet.

Thanks for the help. :) I was still wondering if all XR's use the same plug, or do they all vary?

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