Changing Oil!

I'll tell you that changing the oil on my 2000 Yamaha WR400F is a pain in the a$$! I took the oil strainer off and cleaned it and put it back on and oil leaked from the bolt on the oil strainer because the copper gasket has scratches and cuts on it! I bought a copper gasket almost like it and put it on but apparently the gasket did not seal because it was a hair bigger. So i'll either have to order a new copper gasket for $2.06, go to a dealership and see if they have one or if they can order one. I've went to all of the auto parts store in my area and they don't have it! Has anybody had problems with any copper gaskets or any o-rings leaking? It's a pain in the a$$! :)

It's a pain in the a$$! :)

maybe you should try using some KY?

...Yes, i've had that're not alone...I replaced the gasket... :)

Don't take this wrong but I've found there a few things you can do "on the cheap" when it comes to oil changes, gasket changes in general, etc.

Just go order the proper parts and get to riding! ;-)

There is no substitute for new parts. However, if it is just a plain solid copper washer that is not too mangled, they can ususally be cycled a couple of times by heating them with a propane torch to let them expand so you can get another "squish" out of them. Small burrs or imperfections can be dressed lightly with a file.

Spend $2.06, problem solved..... :)

Order two and you'll be set

Order two and you'll be set

Dude! That's $4.12. Who's got that kind of coin?


Welcome back Marcus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Marcus, go sell your ass on the street for a couple of weeks. You should get best part of $2.06 in that time!! HAhahaha!

Yeah the oil changes suck on these bikes. I don't change oil anymore...... I just add when needed.

heeee he heee.

ask a policeman for his bathroom face cloth.

that's a copper washer.

Yeah the oil changes suck on these bikes. I don't change oil anymore...... I just add when needed.

heeee he heee.

with good quality "mazola" I hope........!?!? :)

I say.... F- that strainer thing.....

I just change the filter ever 3rd time and keep good oil in it all the time....

Hey Marcus, like Fakawi said, heat it up and it should hold you over 'till you get a new one.

Does the Thumpertalk store have the "marcusmoberg" tee shirt yet?

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