Wr450f vs. Yz450f

What is the difference between the Wr450f and the yz 450f? I see that the Wr is about $300 more retail than the yz?

Which is more maintenance?

The yz is made for a track with a smaller gas tank and better suspension. The WR is made for the trail. The WR is probably more expensive because of the extras it has over the yz (electric start, headlight, etc...).

YZ= Track bike - different suspension, 4 speed tranny, smaller radiators.

WR= Trail Machine- softer suspension, 5 speed tranny, Coolant overflow, e-start, headlight, running light, 18inch rear wheel, Wide Ratio Tranny (hence WR) SICK woods bike.

Beacuse of the additional stuff more money to buy. If you go WR try to find an 04. Less restrictive without the smog crap

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