Buying a new 450F please help.

I need some kind of imput here. I currently ride a 03 yz250f, for the past 2 years now. I have not ridden a bike before that though, All my friends ride 250 2 smokes, except for one guy with a 125, now i weight 185lbs and my 250f is all decked out all aftermarket parts and suspenion work as well, i just find a need more power to keep up, But is that more power to much for me? I have not ever riden a 250 2 smoke or a 450 so i am worried about making the wrong choice, what are everyones thought on that? I would even wait for the 06 if it has an alluminum frame to make it lighter for me, But i would like to hear what everone has to say before i jump head first in. By the way we only please ride at a friends MX track - SX track.

Thank you in advance guys.!


I'm assuming you're looking at the YZ450 and not the WR if you're just doing track riding. You may want to post this over in the YZ forum for a more informed response. However, 99.9% of those folks who've upgraded to a 450, WR or YZ, have wondered why they didn't do it sooner...SC

I also have been riding on two wheels for only 2 years now and I love my WR450, it was ATC250R for the last 20 years, I get depressed when I think about all those years spent on a trike, waaaaaaaaaa! didn't know what I was missing!! waaaaaaaaaa! The YZ has more power and is lighter than my WR but I think you would love it. Sounds like YZ would be the choice for you. The power of the 450 has saved my but in the trails many times, Good Luck. P.S. Sarnia?

Go with the 450 and you won't regret it. YZ if you plan on mostly racing and the WR if you mostly ride trails. Both have a lot of power but prodictable unlike their oil burning brothers.

Get one and you won't look back....well sometimes.......cuz they will now be trying to keep up with you :)

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