Off Road Insurance?

I'm curious about what insurance coverage you guys get for your bikes. I am in somewhat of a unique situation in that I do not have any automobiles I own (company supplied with insurance) so I only have home-owners insurance. My homeowners policy doesn't cover anything involved with motorcycles. I have a WR450 and TTR125 that the kids ride. Any thoughts?

progressive ins co. offers some stuff for recreational vehicles :)

I have a comp policy which covers fire,theft,etc. from State Farm for around 15 bucks a month. Not a bad deal for what a new bike costs.


Hey I'm in MI as well and use State Farm for my wr450. I believe I paid $250 or so for a year of full coverage, but my home and truck is also insured through them. A cousin of mine insures his quad through Progressive.

Thanks to all for the advice. I tried Progressive through their web site but since I am including kids they said to call them. I have State Farm for my house and they said $153 for the 2 bikes, liability only, and another $300 for theft, fire, etc. This was after they had to check and find out because they never insure off road stuff so I am going to call Progressive and also check with Southwest who advertises in the CCC publication, TrailRider. These bikes are more expensive than I had planned but when I crank that 450 and twist that throttle, it is priceless. BTW, I just got my Blue Ridge tool kit and it is nice....too expensive, but like I said in another post, far less than I would pay on the trail if I was stranded and needed a tow rope, wrench, lighter, etc.

FYI - I just signed up with Progressive. I got the NY state required minimum for "ATV's" and comprehensive (fire, theft, etc) with a $250 deductable for $103. This was for a 2000 WR400 and a 2001 XR100.

Foremost gave me the best price for my 01 wr426, $438 with a $500 deductable a year for the required minimums in Arizona. Seems like a bit more than other people but my bike is the only thing I have insured and I think Arizona insurance is higher compared to other places.

I had a $30K liability policy on my CR250 from State Farm. It covers me if some retard hits me head on in a blind corner and tries to sue me for him being a retard rider. The policy cost me $40/year. Its not requred for off road in California, but its peace of mind in this lawsuit happy state of 'tards.

I ended up with Allstate who has my home policy. $153 for liability and $340 for comp. Progressive came in a little cheaper but not enough to not go with the agent I've got. Mine is more expensive because of including my wife and two kids I think.

I ended up with Allstate who has my home policy. $153 for liability and $340 for comp. Progressive came in a little cheaper but not enough to not go with the agent I've got. Mine is more expensive because of including my wife and two kids I think.

Thats kind of odd. I know a guy who has his YZ450 insured against theft, and it costs him $430 a year.

I street legalized my WR450, and got full coverage on it through All State in Indiana. Full coverage covers theft. My insurance is $105 a year for my 05 WR450. Beats the heck out of standard theft insurance. :)

Wow, that does sound odd. Either I'm getting ripped or you don't have full coverage....Since Progressive was so close in their quote I figured all of them would be the same. Maybe it has to do with the different states.

My street legal 05 WR450 is insured with Progressive. Full coverage including medical expense and $1000 custom parts is $109/YR. :)

One thing to keep in mind (and maybe keep your mouth shut about when you're talking to your insurance agent) is whether you use the bike in competitive events. Most insurance policies include a clause that does not cover you or your bike (even theft) when you are at an event, traveling to an event or practicing for an event, and it doesn't matter if you're a pro or a one-time a year racer if you let them interpret it.

A lot of companies will let you put multiple bikes on one policy for the same premium. I buy liability only and can insure 4 bikes for $100/yr. Safeco and Progressive both do this in my state. Some companies, however will not insure your vehicle if it came with an offroad MSO.

After 10 years with Progressive they were nice enough to raise my rates 30%. :) They said it would be more but Ohio law limits it. So I got a quote from State Farm. See below. Bikes are XR400 and WR426.

Here are our rates. I think you will see that Progressive is giving you a very good rate.

1996 Honda: $104.37 Annual rate

1999 Honda $134.69 Annual rate

2001 Yamaha $134.69 Annual rate

Please note however that we do our insurance with comp and collision coverage where as Progressive does comp and U-property damage. Please let me know if you need any further info.

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