Hebo Hydraulic Clutch Installation

For those that have installed the Hebo hydraulic clutch conversions, could you share how you chose to do the install? There are several options to how to mount the slave cylinder, I was wondering what worked for you and if there were any hidden problems setting it up.


The guy to ask would be Jim Cook at Smackover Sports. He sells these kits and is very helpful. He can be reached vi his website http://www.smackovermotorsports.com/



Hello Mike, I am also interested in a hydro clutch, why did you choose the HEBO over the MAGURA? What kind of instructions did they send. God luck.

Unkle Moose - Since I had my parts shipped to your shop, and you unpackaged them and fondled all the parts, including the instructions, you must know the answer to the question. The Hebo instructions are in Spanish.

The folks at erider are faxing a translated version this week, but I haven't received them yet. But to tell you the truth, the mechanical installation looks very straight forward (there are a few options that make it interesting) without instructions - I never read the things anyway!

Why did I chose Hebo - erider is having a sale for $167 (the standard price is $199 from them)! In all of the on-line checks that I made, the folks that bought Magura loved them - and the folks that bought the Hebo thought they were the best. The Magura was a lot more money (but they do have a sexy integrated compression release which is nice) - the price seemed right on the Hebo (and they have a nice braided SS line which looked nicer than the cheesey plastic line on the Magura). I bought based on price because I couldn't see a significant feature difference.

I will post pictures as I get it installed.

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The word on the trail is that hte Hebo has a much lighter feel than that of the Magura.

How much did that Hebo set you back?


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