help needed re: buying 450F

need some kind of imput here. I currently ride a 03 yz250f, for the past 2 years now. I have not ridden a bike before that though, All my friends ride 250 2 smokes, except for one guy with a 125, now i weight 185lbs and my 250f is all decked out all aftermarket parts and suspenion work as well, i just find a need more power to keep up, But is that more power to much for me? I have not ever riden a 250 2 smoke or a 450 so i am worried about making the wrong choice, what are everyones thought on that? I would even wait for the 06 if it has an alluminum frame to make it lighter for me, But i would like to hear what everone has to say before i jump head first in. By the way we only please ride at a friends MX track - SX track.

Thank you in advance guys.!

You have to be in good shape and strong if you want a 450 for mx/sx track. The possible '06 aluframe will not make the bike much lighter than '03-'05. it is the rotating mass that makes the bike feel heavy.

On the other hand the 450 power is smoother to control than a 250 smoker and you make less mistakes with the 450. But the smoker has good power and feels even lighter than your 250 4-stroke.

You should have a good test ride on both bikes, not just one lap but 20 minutes, then you know what I mean.

Have you tested a newer 250 thumper? Remember also it is 90 % rider.

my 05 450 feels just as light as my rm 250 97 the the 450 has a more of a controlable power compaired to my rm

Why haven't you ridden any of your friends 2 smokes?

I havent ridden them just because I only started riding 2 years ago i rode a KX125 for 3 times then bought a Yamaha 250F and been riding that ever since, And everone tells me that you need to clutch the 2 stroke like crazy and its not the same jumping with it, and coming into a corner or a turn is not the same, blablabla, Long and short, I think that they are afraid i might drop there bikes or hurt myself pushing the limit of myself and the bike.

so this is why i need the help looking into a bike .



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