438 miles on my brand spankin new 2005 XR650L and I can go about 80 miles on 1.5 that about right? I am not on reserve yet but always take on about 1.5 inbetween 80-85 miles.

Better than me, I'm guessing that you haven't uncorked yours yet or they're road miles your putting on. I got 80 miles of gravel road riding and I pushed the last 100 feet to the pump, won't try that again. Reserve for me is at about 55-60 miles. Mine usually works out to 30-34 mpg, this is 3/4 throttle 70-80 mph riding I do down gravel roads on an uncorked 05 L. One time I rode in the rain all on highway and went 55-60 mph and got 45 mpg. There are other posts here talking about mpg on the 650L's, if you don't get many responses. Hope this helps.

80 miles on 1.5 gallons is 53.33 MPG.. That's excellent! Mine gets that regularly commuting; foam air filter, desmogged, snorkel out, otherwise stock with over 50,000 miles... With my 6.0 gallon Acerbis POS tank, that gives me a minimum of 300 miles between fill-ups. (6 * 53 = 318 miles). My worst recorded gas mileage was 38mpg. My 240lb Dad was riding it at 90mph in fourth gear for about 100 miles nonstop, with a 20+mph headwind. It was like pusing a barn door. My modified ATK605 got about 30mpg. on that stretch with me on it.

If you take a long trip and keep your speeds under 50mph on the streight and level ground, you can easily acheive over 65mpg..

If you get the one of the other aftermarket tanks, like an IMS (not the Acerbis), they will not have the capacity of the Acerbis, but they have better airflow around the frame.

Throw the smog equipment, the stock paper air filter and the airbox snorkel in the trash!

But if you remove the smog kit and the snorkel then you also have to re-jet the carb and shim the needle correct?

But if you remove the smog kit and the snorkel then you also have to re-jet the carb and shim the needle correct?

anything you do that changes the intake or the exhuast should mean you at least check your jetting if not change it.

changing the intake means def. re-jet.

I average 45-50 mpg on the street 15/48 gearing, Uni, 55/158, de-snorkled, de-smogged, baffle out on my 04L. I have a 5.10-18 rear that comes close to the stock gearing. I get 30-35 mpg in the dirt with 14/48 gearing.

I never rejeted after desmogging mine.. It runs perfect, never fowls a plug, gets great gas mileage.

Checked it twice so far. 41 MPG both times riding on FS roads, 13 tooth on the front, and have done all the standard mods, stock exhaust.

about 35mpg, desnork, jetted, k+n is the best I ever see, of course mine only runs WFO

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