2005 WR450F - how far are you going to go

Realistically before checking your valves?

i bet you could go 1000km with out hurting anything. but it would be stupid to do so.

i checked mine right out of the crate, and again after about 4 rides {30 hours}.

I checked mine after a 100 mile break-in interval and found one exhaust and one intake out of spec. I had a second exhaust somewhat borderline, so I reshimmed it as well. I'll check it again at the end of summer when I throw in the YZ cam just to get an idea of what's going on. If nothing is significant, then once a year will be my schedule...SC

Good question. I would prefer not to do this myself. Mainly because of my living situation. I don't have an adaquate place to work on my bike. I was planning on doing this after 160 miles, but it was going to cost me around $160 so I felt I would wait a little longer. My mechanic asked me how the bike was running and it seems to run great to me, so he felt it wasn't a concern right now. Maybe in another month or so, but not to long. I was thinking the 300 mile mark.

Did mine at 300, 3 were off (tight).

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