To sell or not to sell

I haven't been on here for a year. I sold my house and put my bike in storage. Decided to sell it since I don't ride it much. Took the family out to Knolls Monday and we rode the ATV's and my son's XR80 but the 02 426 just sat there looking good. It just flat out hauls butt and doesn't go over well with my kids and wife. If I get after it I end up waiting ten minutes for them to catch up.

My bro in law -Crogg - has it sold for $3500. I am sure having heart ache over signing the title over. It has been fun to work on and ride around town since I put a baja design street legal kit on it. My kids want rides but doesn't have buddy pegs. After riding around town the seat isn't soft enough for cruising. Only has 700 miles on it. I guess I could sell it and buy another ATV to hang out more with the family. I really don't enjoy riding it at knolls ... I would rather ride on trails since I'm not a hill climber, jumper or motor crosser. I just hate to sell it and then pay more to replace it with something else. I'll sell it and then miss it.

Sell the wife and kids and upgrade the bike! Just kidding. Lot's have sold just to buy another with in a year or 2.

End of discussion ... signed over title.

Now I've got $3500 to spend ... thinking about a new 04 Honda 300EX for $3895. Or spend more and get the Suzuki Z400 New $5699... hmmm.

I really wouldn't get the 300ex, it's a turd.

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