I thought Yamaha had.......

I thought Yamaha had the clutch grab problem fixed with the 02 426. The bike I just bought is doing the same thing my 99 400 did. It is a light switch with no slip.

I pulled the cover off and the basket is fine with no grooves and the basket nut is tight. Any idea what else it might be? Was part of the problem the actuator?

I thought clutches were supposed to grab?

I think you need new friction plates. Only about $65 to replace all.

What makes you think I need new fibers? They do not smell burnt or glazed. Its not slipping it is an instant grab like the older bikes had the problem with.

Since you just bought it, have you changed the oil? If not, change it and see if that helps.

Yes I did change it to Spectro 10W40.

If the plates were warped you would probably not be able to tell. If they are warped then this could be causing the problem. I know you don't want to here this but the best cure for grabby clutches is an aftermarket basket like a Hinson. Assuming that all the clutch parts are good, the grabby sensation is caused by lack of oil between the plates. A Hinson or equivalent basket has more oil passages and will force oil between the plates. The end result.... a awesome feeling clutch.

Another trick is to drill a couple 3/16 holes at a angle in each tab of the hub. However you didn't here it from me as I don't know what the long term effect is to the basket. I did this and it helped considerably and lasted for over 2 years with no problems. But I am not abusive on clutches so take it with a grain of salt....

And yes I have a Hinson in my 426 now. :)

I can check the plates on a piece of glass. Which way did you drill the hole? on an angle to scoop the oil into the basket?

My 99 wr was grabby till i replaced all the plates. the steel ones were blue :)

Never had the problem on my 02 YZ426. Clutch is pretty smooth and I tend to overuse/abuse mine

Thats what I thought...... I wonder if someone swapped the 02 parts for some of the older model parts???? Is there any way to identify them? I Thought I read some where that the actuator arm was different length. Any one know the lengths? Maby if I just smoke it up good it will help! :)

Never had the problem on my 02 YZ426. Clutch is pretty smooth and I tend to overuse/abuse mine

I know the Yamaha clutch kit # gyt-5ta56-30-00 has a different arm included but I dont know if it is longer and this fits 03-04 models . :)

On the parts fish at Yamaha.com the newer one looks completely different. The part numbers are different for every year.

I just pulled it completely appart and pulled up the parts fish at Yamaha and what I have does not match what it should have. :D


The basket looks more like the 03 with the fingers being square not with the U shape from the end.

There are no spring Washers on the inside or the inside plate being smaller. All the plates are the same.

I wonder if they exploded the motor and replaced it with a ??? The ser # on it is J308E-C13887 Is there anywhere on line to identify it with the ser # ? :)

I did a quick search with J308E and it lookes like an 01 or 02 426.

Exactly. :)

I guess where I am now is since the newer 450's do not run the inside spring washers and smaller fiber plate, why would I need it on a 426?

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