YZ426 Countershaft Sprocket Rubbing

Hey All, I switched out my stock 14 tooth to a 13 tooth and it rubs on the cover for the countershaft. Has anyone else had this problem, and is it safe to assume that it wont wear to the point that it is a big problem? Thanks for your help.

Remove it. :)

You may have to go into a little more detail , because you said you put a 13 on in place of the 14 which means its smaller. Soooo how and where does it rub? On the inside of the sprocket? If its on the inside of the sprocket then you may be missing a spacer.

It rubs just barely on the tin cap which goes over the countershaft and acts as a dust cover. I thought about the spacer, but I checked the parts diagram and none was shown.

Flip it over. If you thought it would look much cooler with the wide machined undercut on the outside, well, it would, but that groove is there to clear the same sheet metal cover you say it now rubs. If both sides are machined flat, it's the wrong sprocket.

Promise not to ask how I knew this, OK?

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