Changing Oil for the first time

Apologies to the experienced forum members but as one of the inexperienced I want to pass on my experiences and I hope it helps others as much as your experienced advice helps me. I changed my oil for the first time in both my bikes tonight...05's TTR125 and WR450 (about a 100 miles and oil was still pretty clean). TTR was a normal oil change, take out the plug, drain the oil and replace. Then I do the wonderbeast...take out the plug and only a cup full of oil comes out. Get out the well used manual and realize there are two other plugs. Take out the small one (need small fingers with the Utah Skid plate but it is doable) get another cup. So far minimum spillage in the garage, using the kids sand bucket and a towel. Position sand bucket under the bolt in the center frame, unscrew and the thing starts spewing out about a foot past the bucket. It seemed to get most of the oil out (had to put in a little more than a quart) so all was well except for the mop up and oil stains on the floor. Live and Learn! I'll put a signature on my ID at some point but for now I am:

Ex Texan living in Michigan

05 WR450 - JD Jetting, PMB, Utah Skid, Enduro Handguards, ZipTy, YZ Throttle Stop, BlueRidge Tool Kit, Grey Wire, All the fancy clothes, a fresh oil change and a feeling of youth when I've got that beast between my legs.

05 TTR125 - Jetting, Aluminum Billet end cap, Enduro Handguards, BBR skid plate and that's all the kids need except for the Yamaha caps, shirts, jackets etc.!

Lots of history including Yamahas, CZ's and Huskies.

I too experienced the Japanese Oil Festival when I first did my frame reservoir. You only make that mistake once :) ...SC

at least you knew about the frame resevoir. I did 3 bloody oil changes and couldn't figure out why all the guys on here said they got 1.7 litres when i only got abot 500ml. now i change ALL the oil everytime. I don't think i spilled any though.

I learned that the pipe gets really hot after you warm it up for the oil change. It happened almost two months ago, and i still have a bad scar on my knuckle. Sounded like hamburger meat on a grill.

Some things are tricky on these thumpers so do yourself a favor and get a shop manual.....especially if you plan on doing your own valve adjustments etc. and for the oil change get the man helps keep the mess down :) and yes a 450cc produces a bit of heat :D

Thank god im not the only one that happened too! i managed to get oil all over the front wheel when it caming spewing out!

Dont feel so stupid now i know its happened to quite a few others

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