I was upset when I read your post, so I got busy on the internet because I drive a ford.The result of my effort is that they all are doing the same thing. The greens are every where and they are still busy undermining every aspect of our lives. I was going to sell my ford pickup and my lincoln auto, but what will I replace them with? The bottom line is the greens are busy and the offroad community is still asleep.

Well said Citizen Kane. I hope everybody wakes up while we still have a little land left to ride on.


Too bad the motorcycle industry is not donating big $$ to the anti-greenies.

Who are the anti-greenies? :)

Why do you think these companies are giving money away to these guys? I'll bet to keep them off their backs!! I remember when the Expedition and Excursion came out, the "Greenies" were talking class action against Ford. These guys are SO powerful that corporate America kisses their #ss!!But the real question is what do we do to fight this? I sign every petition, and write alot of letters, I belong to the AMA.I vote.It is very frustrating that so few share the same ideals as us. People don't realize how much we care about the environment. I ride in it and enjoy it every weekend. I don't want to destroy it, I am for trail MANAGEMENT.

We just have to keep fighting. Happy Trails


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What would happen if we organised a Barstow to Vegas demonstration in unison with the other 47 states organised demonstrations happening simultaneously. Would they call it civil unrest? Yes, I know, there are 50 states. But the other two wouldn't work.

Well said gentlemen, I too heard that the great grandson of Henry Ford, who is either the CEO or carries a high position was upset about the introduction of the Excursion and wanted it stopped.

The only solution is obvious, to become organized and financially powerful. Money talks plain and simple. I would like to see some of the money that we pay for a new bike go directly to a bikers rights coalition. This should be organized by the manufacturers so thats its just built into the price, I definately would not complain if some cash went to preserve my right to ride. Unless something like this happens we might end up like our cousins the 3-wheeler, concrete evidence that it can happen.

I work with a guy who is from Texas and claims to know Grason Goodman formerly of Plano Honda, he says he likes bikes and follows supercross. However he stated that he doesnt think bikes belong on public lands. I asked why and it seemed that his head is full of hand me down misinformation that is rapidly and wrongly being spread by our green friends. The only thing he could say was it destroys the environment. I asked in what way, and he said its just bad. Now theres some great objective scientific thoughts. I seems like its always out there, people may not pay direct attention or even get emotional about it but they pick up that thought and pass it on like its true knowledge.

At REI sporting goods stores, we are right there mentioned with mining, logging and offroading, as bad for the environment. I think thats crazy, those types of activities are economically based and are obvioulsy invasive enterprises that do affect the environment. Dont get me wrong I do not have any problems with those industries as they are necessary. but off roading shouldnt be lumped in with them in the same sentence its like complaining about someone tearing up large tracts of land with a track hoe, and then complaining about the ants digging little ant hills, makes sense huh. By the way I will no longer purchase any gear from REI. Be careful where you spend your dollars it allows you to vote with your cash.Just my 2 cents.

Oh year Dollar rent a car and Office Depot are also on my boycott list, not for green reasons, they just provide crappy service.

Ride, get involved, have fun.

What it's going to take are local (read county) officials with balls enough to stand up to the Feds. Is it possible to back the Feds down? You bet it is! A gentleman by the name of Dick Carver has done it. Dick is a county commissioner in Nye County, Nevada. Nye County administers ALL public lands within its borders, no BLM, no Forest Service, no Feds. Was it easy? No. He had to convince the other commissioners that it was the right, no, the Constitutional thing to do. I have a video of a speech Dick gave some time back where he explains how he forced the Constitution on the Federal Government, and how any county in the United States can do the same. You can contact Dick at 1-702-377-2175, or you can look up the Nye County web site. Find out more for yourselves, it will give you hope that things can change.

Well those mother fathers will have to pry the handlebars out of my cold dead fingers!!!!


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[This message has been edited by Johnny Knoxville (edited 02-24-2001).]

Johnny, I agree with your sentiment, but we have to approach this problem with a little more class. How about we just put a bounty on the greens? Then I could be that millionaire I always wanted to be.

The systematic elimination of outdoor recreation groups is happening everywhere.

Why? Take a minute to read the facts behind the Clinton Roadless Initiative plan. The goal is to return the wilderness areas to a "pre-European" condition, which means removing mankind from the environment completely. Absurd, isn't it?

I live in Arizona, and just recently there was a large public hearing regarding the city of Scottsdale's intent to create a desert preserve (no more houses could be built), but kick all OHVs off the land. There were over 2,000 people at this meeting, and major traffic jams occurred.

You can take pride in knowing that the OHV community showed up in record numbers, all wearing red shirts or hats. What was painfully missing was representation by the local dealers. Where were these people? Don't they understand that as trails get closed, fewer people will want to buy bikes because you will have to travel farther out of the city to ride?

Please understand that local AZ bikers SUPPORT the creation of the desert preserve, we just want continued access to the existing trail system. Through the State Land Permit Project, OHV'rs have legally had access to this land for 30 years or more, and all it requires is an annual state land permit for $15. Without it, you are essentially trespassing.

Through local stewardship of the trails (maintenance, clean-up, ect.), hopefully AZ bikers can continue to ride in this area. It's not over yet, but I always remain optimistic.

There are several "this land is your land" support groups you can join. The Blue Ribbon Coalition is one such great organization. You can find them at


Phoenix, Arizona - home of the Arizona Trail Riders and the Desert Mountain Enduro Series. Visit ATR at .

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Sorry Mr.Kane if I offended you or anyone else,but this is how upset I get.These freaks are now messing with our lovely riding areas in Moab with their road closures and such.I came very close to socking a member of the Utah wilderness society in the mouth at Arches National Park at his dumb lil table by the visitors center.I believe when all else fails ,resort to violence.

Apology accepted Johnny, and I am sure everybody else does also. Myself, I am used to emotions welling in certian conditions.Mainly in the heat of racing or in politics. I hope others feel the same way as I. Just don't do it in front of my wife or childern.

Thank you

Hey Guys, we do need to organize. It is in the best interest of the motorcycle companies to contribute to this cause. I'm not sure that they are not. I will ask Blueribbon and AMA this question. This past year I joined the AMA for the first time in 30 years. I'v ridden trails my whole life and never until this last year raced. My kids have inherited my love for offroading and appreciation for the desert and wildernes. I too want to preserve the wildernes areas. But, after 30 years of riding in desert and mountain areas I know for a fact that the environment can be sustained and still used for recreational purposes. Alot of those radical environs are HATERS pure and simple. Trying to reason with them is useless. We must have a strong pro-active and defensive posture. I am sorry to you and my own children for being too complacent for too long. I will do everything I can to help. I have no right to get preachy but we all need to kick it up a notch. You can count on me not to be a slacker any more. Thanks..

Yes, we need to save our land for OUR use.Next question, what specific action or group in the Las Vegas area needs my help?Look forward to hearing from you.

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