I Think it seized

Pulled out from a friends house tonight after a 30 minute stop . After i hit third gear at about quarter throttle the bike slowed fast made an awful squeal and as i pulled in the clutch it idled just fine :) Drove it easy for about 100 yards pulled over and found the oil level at the bottom mark so went a little farther and checked again, still the same so i checked for oil flow at the head bolt and oil came out.. drove it home about 15 miles and it ran fine :D Changed the oil but didn't find anything scary on the filter. Anybody had this happen :D Oil level was right to the top when i got home. Is it time to pull it apart before it flies apart on its own :) 99 wr400

Even if nothing is wrong (unlikely) it'll only cost you a few gaskets and your time. Well worth pulling down in my opinion.

It couldn't be worth it to drive any longer on it, unless you really want a new bike... Let me know what it was..

Pull it down you will find something...a bearing that has turned in its caseing, big end or in the gear box, clutch plate broken, damaged cam chain or tensioner, strip it before

it turns into a nightmare..GOOD LUCK

Pull the top cover off and pull the cams out. Look for aluminum stuck to the cams. I had the same experience and it was the intake cam.

Doesnt sound good......... I would definatly check it out before the engine goes bang. You will save a bunch of money in the long run. And like Hamish said "it will only cost you a few gaskets and time" at the least.

Pull the top cover off and pull the cams out. Look for aluminum stuck to the cams. I had the same experience and it was the intake cam.

Good advise. :)

i got tired of waiting for responses and pulled off the valve cover. All clearance were perfect and head was very clean :) .Took it out last Thursday night and drove it hard for 40 miles with no noise or problems.Now i wish I'd have looked at the intake cam. Did your bike run after the cam had head melted to it ? :D

A squeel?

Bearing related?

Are you sure it was from the motor?

Was your bike idling while you were at your friends house? Could it be overheated?

I have had a similar exeperience with my bike in tight woods. about a year ago I was rinding in tight woods. It started rattling a bit them worked it way into quite a squeel. Stoped the bike for a short time restarted and it has run fine for over a year now. However it did it once more during my last enduro in May. Same symptons

I hoping mine is just blowing off some coolant.

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