What's the fattest tire i can use?

I have an 01 Yam WR426. The rear tire is a 110/100/18. What is the fattest tire without having to do any mods that will fit?

I would think that a 120 would be fine

The one that's on the fastest back wheel. :) Sorry, I had to go there.

send a pm to Indy wr450, he uses a terraflex , that is huge and fits.

Please post up the results!!! And after seeing your size, the WR model's have smaller rear rims?? I say that because my YZ426 is wearing Dunlop 110/90/19 And my understanding of the numbers is width/sidewall ratio/rim correct??

Ham bone 23 do u have the stock rear rim??? My YZ has stock

I have a 2000 yz426 I went to a 18 inch rear wheel...stock is 19 inch, I run a 120/100/18 it fits fine, It is a little heavy though

I purchased the bike used. I just pulled up some info on Google and see that the bike origionally came from the factory with a 120/90/18.

So would a 120/100/18 fit???

That's a taller tire, not wider. You'd have to go to a 130 for a wider contact patch...SC

TeraFlex 140/80-18 is the biggest tire you can put in but they dont make a 19" version so you have to replace the rim and spokes. :)

If the TeraFlex 140/80-18 is the biggest, what would be the best performance tire for a hard/inter track?

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