Low to Mid Range Bog

I have an '05 WR450 with all the free mods. The Airbox is cut out, JD Kit, AIS Removed. I am anywhere from 2-5000 feet when riding, anywhere from 50-70 degrees. I'm running 45 pilot stock starter jet, 40 leak jet, 168 main, red 5th position. I had 48 pilot jet in, zip tie fuel screw did nothing. Put 42 in, and it made the most difference, about 3 turns out. I put the 45 in, and it really didn't make much of a difference any way I turned it. The bike starts and idles great. There's no popping, but when I'm going down the trail trying to get on the pipe it bogs from low to mid range until RPM's come up on the top end, and then it's fine. I tried the 165 main, but it didn't seem to pull as hard, and it still had bog. I tried going one up on the needle to lean it out, it didn't really help. I tried the blue in the 4th position, but nothing seems to change the bog, whatever I do.

Any help would be appreciated.


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