how much horsepower

how much horsepower does the 650r put out?

The question should be,

How much Torque does the 650 put out? :)

XR650R Stock corked it puts out 45bhp @ the crank and 34hp at the rear wheel. 30fpt

Uncorked it puts out 55bhp @the crank and 44hp at the rear wheel. 38fpt

Header/muffler, Uni, holes in the air filter cover, Pumper carberetor 60bhp and 47hp at the rear wheel. 40fpt

HRC kit, (11:1 piston, HRC cam) 64bhp @ the crank and 52hp at the rear wheel. 44fpt

680cc BRP 70+bhp and 58hp 48fpt

More about modifications and Horsepower for the XR650R, Click Here: :)

Dynamomiter pages for the XR650R and 680cc bikes Clike Here: :D

All About the XR650R :)

Local dyno's in oz have the desrestricted stock XR650R pumping out just over 46 hp at the rear wheel and a s%#tload of torque. It is capable of easily pulling well over the 160 km/h (100 mph) mark stock- needless to say the bike makes enough power!

It's a trench digger! :)

More then L riders can handle........ :):D

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