tire recomendation

any one has a recomendation on a all around trail tire?

It would help the non-Virginians to know what your soils are like, but my favorite is a Maxxis Maxcross IT Rear (very good traction and extremely good wear) and a Dunlop 756 front. These work well in a wide range of surfaces for me.

I run the Dunlop 756 both front and rear....overall a good tire.

maxxis it

maxxis SI's f/r

NOT the pirelli mt32, worst tire ever.. almost all my knobbies broke off, but i suppose the occasional street wheelies didn't help.

thank you for all your recomendations! I am from VA so "in rome do..." you know the rest


My bike eats Dunlops for breakfast. Best tire I have found for the $$'s is The Maxxis IT (Intermediate Terrain) http://www.maxxis.com

I have tired several brands of Dunlops including the 739G (for 4-Strokes) and the 756. They just don't last.

Remember, An opinion is just like an a$$hol# - everyone has one.... :)

For trails and hard terrain the Kenda Carlsbad is great they last very well and grip is ok as well.

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