???wr400 good or bad????

looking for a used bike.new to 4 strokes and looking for some guidence in a purchase.how does the wr 400 stack up?looking for trails,sand,and family fun.im a big boy so will it be powerful enough?dependable?easy to maintain?help???? :):D:)

I'm 6'3 230 and it was a great dual sport bike. great trail bike; i wanted a little more for a duning bike. i just got a 426 to give me a little more umph. it all depends on what you want to do.

there is alway big bore kits....

Since you are new to 4 strokes i think the 400 is a good bike. Honestly any of the 4 stroke yamaha's are good bikes. it just depends if the deal is good enough. If they arent asking a whole lot then go for it man.....

I heard that the 400s has some tranny problems..... mostly from people that race....... so I went for a 426

the 400 is the best bike I have ever owned. I have never heard of any tranny problems like the post above suggests. Just make sure the oil has been changed regulalry, as well as the valves checked and they are extrememly reliable bikes. I can not speak for dune riding, but I have never had the throttle wide open wishing for more power even on big hill climbs. Very versatile as far as slow riding with the family to racing at high speeds.

Don't go with a race breed though.


The 400's I don't think have TI valves and the clutch was redone for the 426 because the 400's wan't as good. If you can go with a 426 rather than a 400 just because the 426 had some of the bugs worked out. But like phat450-f said if the deal is good enough go with what you can get. You won't be disappointed. You will love your big boy toy as you put it, if you get a Yamy

do the 400/426 wrs have that grey wire deal?if so how much of a powert gain?im looking at a 2000 for about$3100 is that ok or should i shop more?shopping for used bikes sucks!!!! :D:)

$3,100 seems a bit on the high side unless the bike is very clean or has tons of goodies added on. My guess is about 10% less would be a fair deal. The fact that it is green sticker is real nice too!

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