Yoshimura RS3 "Slip On" for XR 650R

I'm talking about the stainless steel version, non the Trioval..

Who use this silencer ?

impressions ? how many db ?

oval or round ?

I have one. The oval stainless steel one.



It gives a HUGE horsepower gain, but it's F#$%ing LOUD!!! :)

So, you buy the TEC Kit (quiet core insert) and it's quiet and has NO POWER. :D

Here it is...


So, I'm going to get a custom stainless steel turn down tip welded on the end of a hollowed out TEC Kit and knock off 3 decibels.

Then I'll get GREAT POWER at a reasonable noise level. :)

thanks for the informations..

please, when the job is done

if is it possible, show to me the modification at the tec kit

I'm really interested in buying that silencer..

OK, I'll post pics when I get my tip modification done.

The YOSH with the TEC Kit definitely gives the bike more power than the stock corked up muffler, so that's cool. I'll use it on the Dual Sport rides I do when the bike needs to be "stealth" to keep Ranger Rick happy.

The YOSH with the regular spark arrestor (just a metel mesh screen) gives the bike TONS of extra power and it's a BLAST to ride. Too bad it's so damn noisy though.

This is the classic trade off we deal with with mufflers. They need to make a muffler that gives the big power AND is less than 98 decibels. Maybe I'll invent one. :)

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