a good day...

Yesterday was a good day. Got out of work on time, wife was in a good mood, baby wasn't fussy, AND I got to ride. A few of you may have been following my jetting woes but no more. It was 30F and 7pm, night riding is FUN but SKETCHY - shadows hide rocks and all kinds of debris. She kicked over on the first try and ripped it up. It was a good day. BTW mounted an MSR skid plate, they look to be pretty tough, we'll see.


Sounds good to me. Night riding can be sketchy but tons of fun. Little chilly down there in PA. I've been riding all winter at night. The white lights up everything. Much brighter than night riding during the summer. Are you running a stock light set up? I am thinking of after market lights.

Glad to see someone down there in PA is riding.

I have the ufo/acerbis headlight with the two small round lights on my xr400. after riding my wr250f for the first time last night (damn it was cold!) I think the stock yamaha light is much brighter then the dual headlight.

also on the dual light I had to duct tape the back of each light fixture because the light was "leaking" out the back and causing a bad glare in my goggles.

basically I wouldn't recommend this setup.

-Brett in CT

The dual headlights post reminded me of a night ride I did last August. Actually it was unintentional, we (not me) misjudged the time and it was already getting dark at the furthest point from the car....about 10 miles out. by the time we got 1/2 way back it was pitch black. what made it interesting was everyone had lights, but me, because my "friend" on a kx500 roosted it. the trails were also soaking wet and pretty slippery. I found it easiest to follow someone with a light as opposed to using the light from the person behind me. The main problem was trying to ride as fast as the guy in front of me with the light, while i am riding practically blind. I actually kept up for quite a while....until I hit the slippery mud puddle five minutes from the car....

anyway that's the story of why I got the dual headlights.


I have an Acrebis HP headlight and I am using a 100 Watt bulb. Its very bright. I ride two to three night a week and love it.



It's cold but I have the right gear for cold weather activites. I still have the stock light setup and I'm not impressed. On my mountain bike I run 2x10W on the handlebar and a 15W helmet mount which works great. I'm definately going to try and mimic that setup but with motorcycle parameters. I'm gonna rig up the helmet light tonight, they make all the difference in the world.


Originally posted by npuza:

I have an Acrebis HP headlight and I am using a 100 Watt bulb. Its very bright. I ride two to three night a week and love it.


I assume you have a 130 Watt coil on your bike? year 2000 or better?


The Acerbis HP looks like a good light, especially with a 100watt bulb. I checked and my dual headlight has two 35 watt bulbs, maybe that's why it's not that great, I was going to get higher watt bulbs but never got around to it.


My buddy rides with his Mtn. Bike helmet light. It works well. It is about 10f here and we will be riding tonight and tomorrow. Studded tires and sled trails. Way faster than dirt. Still prefer dirt but this is really fun.

Here's two very cheap options for lighting-

#1 - New 100/90 bulb $11 -you don't need a new enclosure OR

#2 - Buy a new 3 prong adapter at Napa, wire it so that both high and low are on all the same time. Stock bulb. $4 I chose this option, bot for cost but for function.

You'll run into a little compromise at low engine speeds. The light will be dimmer than normal due to low stator output, but the good news is the '00 is higher than 98/99. I heard differnt amount-120W, 130W. But once you get it spinning off idle say around 3,000 rpms, option #2 in my experience has been great. The reason I chose #2 is because now light is pointing down and sideways on low, and farther out on high. Option 1 will only turn the low beams on (I think!)

I tried a brighter bulb in a KLR250 I used to have, it didn't really seem be that much brighter...in case anyone cares.

BTW, I can run heated grips and option #2 (no tail light or DS) without any problems for about 5 months (400 miles maybe). The light is a a little dimmer, but again just at idle and off-idle. My stator and headlight assembly did not appear overheated; just had the covers off this week on the stator. Does anyone think this is too much to pull from a '00? 55+50+30 grips?

I've never tried any other types of setup, so I can't comment on the acerbis or UFO.

The advantadge of the helmet light is that it allows you to see around corners and other aeras before you turn the bars. it lights up where you are looking, not just the direction you are heading.

Yah I have a Baja Designs external stator. 130 watts if I remember correctly. It is extremly bright when your in the rpms good, but does dim when idling. Thats why you have to ride fast.


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