is it to much?

i am moving up to a yz426f from a ttr125l is the yz to much. i am going to use it for trails mostly. to only reson i am getting it is because we are getting it less than dirt cheap. i am about 195lbs and 6'2". is it too much? :):D:)

no way man with your size...the 426 will be perfect and especially if its less than dirt cheap....

well i mean no way man its not to much for you....go for it....

You should be OK if you use throttle control. You should test ride it first if possible.

DO IT... you will never look back, my son had a RM125 (94model) in 2003 in gave nothing but trouble 2 engine builds and various other things, he was aged 14. Bought a yz450 new in april 04 (left over 03 model) the change over took 6 weeks because of his size weight etc. But he practiced picking it up off the grass to build up his arm muscles,

he soon mastered the art of getting it started Auto decompression and Hot start. He is now 16 and loves the beast, he soon learnt throttle will only do what you tell it..otherwise it will bite you on the arse..ENJOY..ENJOY..ENJOY..ENJOY :):D:):D:worthy::D:D:D;):crazy::worthy::worthy::worthy:

At 195 pounds and 6'2", that TTR your riding is WAY to little.

You'll feel right at home on a YZ426F.

With out a doubt, 426. I went from a YZ 125 to mine. I feel right at home on it. At first I was kinda scared by the power, now I am buying parts to give it more. Just take it easy at first.

thanks for all of your info. it has been very helpful in my decision. i pick it up this weekend and my dad already got me a full fmf ti with powerbomb for free on the way!

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