XR600R vs XR650L

I was curious to know does say 01 XR650L put out as much power or torque as the last of the XR600R (1999 I think, both bikes fully derestricted ofcoarse). Just wondering because the 650l riders love the L's so much.

L riders love 'em because they just...go...anywhere. yes, if all us L guys wanted to ride as fast as possible, we'd be on things that were lighter and had more power.

But, some of us enjoy takin' ity easy.

Not that I have any problem maintaining a B pace when I'm with other folks, though. Don't y'all get to be thinkin' I'm slow 'cause I like to take it easy!

The XRL is detuned from the XR600R somewhat, but oh, baby, its a torque monster!


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