1991 xr600r supertrapp, LOUD.

I have dualsported my 91 xr600r and the supertrapp is too loud at highway speeds. It looks to have 15, yes 15 discs in the pipe! What should I have in there and would I have to lean out the carb to make it run right?

The manufacturer recommends between 6 and 8. My 87 runs best with eight discs. When I bought the bike the pipe had 20 discs :) Ran like crap.

Drop it to 10 and see how she runs. Then go down 1 disk at a time to get the noise at an acceptable level. Then jet accordingly. You shoul get more bottom end with less disks.

Might want to repack it while you are at it. Start out with a fresh pack. If the packing is gone it will sound "tinny" and not have as deep tone.

definatly repack, it will also make your bike run better.

Mine likes 8 and has been rejetted.

I've got 6 on my XL600. It sounds just right, not too loud, and is much lighter and stronger than in stock trim.

How do you repack the old Supertrapps? I can't figure out how to remove the core. :)

How do you repack the old Supertrapps? I can't figure out how to remove the core. :)

I would think you would have to drill out the rivets. I haven't repacked mine, but that would seem to be the only way.

OK, that makes sense, thanks.

I will try it this week. I will keep you all posted on the progress. Thanks All! :)

My new-to-me '93 XR650L has an "XR's Only" pipe on it that is apparently just like the old Supertrapps - with the discs and all. In fact, the end cap says "Supertrapp" on it. I don't know if it came with the pipe or the previous owner put it on there. Anyway... it runs great, but it is WAY too loud. If I remember correctly, it only has 6 discs in it, so I don't think I should remove any more. I suspect there is no packing in it at all. I haven't opened it up to see what it looks like inside yet, but I'm definitely going to very soon. I've never repacked a pipe. What do I use - and how much? What do I need to know?

I got the stock pipe with the bike, so if repacking doesn't work, it's going back on until I can afford something else. I'd rather not do that though, because I'm sure it'll throw the jetting off.

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