hello ,,does anyone in the uk have a rear pipe that they can recommend for me as the one i got with the bike was straight through and made all the windows down my street rattle ,which didnt win to many votes from the neighboughs ,and the standard pipe that i have put back on to it makes it so quiet you dont even know its running,,,oh and one other thing the standard pipe i have isnt the same as the one in the manual as it has a sealed end can anyone shed any light on why this is,,,i'm looking for something to put on that has a nice sound but not something that turns every head in the high st even on tickover!!! adam


tap in 'stroker' or 'powerbomb' in the archives. clarke mason has done an awful lot of back to back testing & he came up with the above combo.

he says it's fairly quiet or he wouldn't run it in calafornia.


The pipe you have is standard on UK model WR's. We in Canada have the same pipe. The removal tip is only found on US models. I guess that is a bonus for our US friends for the troubles of having to cut their throttle stops. I really can't suggest an aftermarket pipe that is going to make your neighbors happy. Alot of claims of quiet cores and the likes but nothing that is going to match the stocker. I have heard that the hot ticket is to adapt a KTM spark arrestor from a 300 or 380 EXC. I know the sound levels of these on a KTM is quite acceptable but I have not heard it running on a 4 stroker.


I run an Edmondson Racing pipe which gives a decent power boost. It's louder than standard, but not too loud.


On my UK spec '00 model I am using a DRK which is a little louder that stock but gives a very good power increase.

I have to agree with Baz.

I also have the DrK. This is a good pipe for sound and power. Oshira also do the same pipe but in three lengths and three versions: polished steel / carbon look steel / titaniun @ 500mm / 450mm / 400mm lengths. rated @ 93dbls

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