10 ga Copper Header Gasket Success Rate?

For those of you whom replaced their header gasket with a 10 gauge copper wire, as suggested by Tryce (FFRacing79) in the following thread:


Have you guys had issues with leaks? I take if done properly, as suggested by greyracer513 in the above thread, it should be OK, but wondering how sensitive to leaks this setup is or what is the success rate. Does it leak when cold and then seal once things warm up to operating temp?

Thanks, SB

SB, the absolute most important thing with this setup is to make sure the "butt joint" is absolutely matched. Simply cutting the wire with a wire cutters won't cut it. When done correctly, the new gasket will fit snug enough in place to hold itself in the port. if you follow all the steps, you won't have any leaks.

I have now gone one step farther by making the gasket out of copper roundstock. Tryce

Tryce, Thanks! I'll try it as you suggested. I was also thinking of machining it out of round stock due to concerns with leakage. Do you machine it so it looks like a torus (donut), or simply turn it down so the OD matches the port nice and snug and bore the ID and break the edges? I would think leaving a bit of room on the OD (maybe have the OD something like .030-.050" smaller than the port ID or so) would be good to allow for expansion when you compress it when tightening the header down. I never saw a new header gasket out of the bag, but I'm assuming it must have a bit of play in the port?

I'll probably go with the copper wire for now, and later when I have some time, machine it, as you do now.

Thanks for info Tryce!! I running the 04 YZF muffler you sold me earlier this year. I'll be doing the airbox mod you suggested probably this weekend (FFR Airbox Mod) and I would like to do the copper gasket as well. When I wreck this muffler, I'll drop you an email to see if you still have those nice LeoVince exhausts you were trying to push on me!!!! Sometimes I wish I had bought one off you. That really was a great deal!!

I have now gone one step farther by making the gasket out of copper roundstock. Tryce
:):D Way to go. TDub!

Hmm. . . almost sounds as if you're making OEM Honda copper cylinder gaskets. . . :)

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