smog pump

buy taking the smog pump off, and all the free mods. can a state park like Carnegie. not let me ride there because of all of the modifications I know its a stupid question i was just curious. also is it possable to remove the plugs once there installed (ais) kit. thanks in advance.

Technically they probably could but I doubt you'll ever see a gate guard with enough of a clue to figure out what should be on your bike. My bike has all the mods done and I ride all the Norcal state and BLM riding areas and I've never been looked at twice.


And I would not like to try to remove the plugs! Definitely possible but not something you would want to do.

I agree with Joe I also ride norcal and have never been looked at twice by any rangers. I did all the free mods and the ais kit before ever bringing the bike out.

I even removed the smallest baffle on my stock pipe before sound testing at hollister svra and past at 89 db. The plugs would be a real chore to get out I would think you would have to carefully drill & tap it then fixture it with a slide hamer.


thanks for the info i was just courious. this is such a great forum :thumbsup:1st 4 stroke. thanks again

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