Leak Jet plugging help !!!

New with '05 WR450F.

Did all the mods. The only problem now is the "off idle bog", then I´ll try zero leak jet mod.

Here (Chile) the dealer have no Leak Jet in his stock list :worthy: .

I don´t want to solder it shut because I wont be able to go back if things go wrong with this mod.

Is there other way to do this "zero leak jet" mod ? :):D

I read that somebody put a small bolt instead the leak jet, other plugged it with a wire.

Thank you in advanced. :):D

I believe someone plugged it with the same bolt that holds the fuel bowl on the carb. Try one of those and if it works, buy one more bolt and you're done...SC


The fuel bowl part number is 98502-04012.

I´ll try it instead the leak jet #40 (P.N. 4JT-1494F-03)

Thank you :)

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