Advice sought: XR650L with attitude?

Looking to buy a D/P machine and for suggestions... I'm not new to dirt rides, tearing around since my early teens, but must admit I've never owned a dual purpose machine. I've owned and maintained a fist full of street machines as well, pretty diverse, from cruisers to rockets. I'm not a stranger to the inside of the powerplant and can manage all but the most in-depth modding.

So, I'm askin' the 650L riders... what do I need to do if I choose to buy this machine... to make it really run well. I've test rode one recently, liked the size and feel, (a stock offering), but wasn't over impressed with the engines power.

I'm not tossing rocks here guys... as I do like the bike better than most others on the market today. I'm hoping to get some hands on info that can make this bike run better. I'm looking for as close to a near wheelie on demand machine as I can get, while keeping it in street legal garb.

I'll be riding about as much on dirt as it sees asphalt, and don't care to take the back path to anyone.

What would you say is a must do mod to unlock this bikes potential?

Full pipe? Which one and why...

Jet kit... match the pipes flow... which one is worth it's salt?

Anything else you have found to be worth the effort...?

I'm not against drilling for more oxygen and have seen a few posts that show such, in a very trick looking layout. Just to clarify, I'm not wanting to butcher the bike, so clean lines do mean something to me. Parts that need bent, hammered or tweaked major to fit need not apply.

So, I'm hoping you hands on L riders can point me in the right direction... I've got some $ that needs to be converted into fun with two wheels and I'm leaning to Honda's 65-0. :)

Carb mods and sprockets (14 48).that will take care of the wheely part search the threads!

See the mods I've done to mine in my garage. I'm still working on getting the pics up. Do Dave's carb mods first!!!! Mine will roll on wheelie in second no problem and can be coaxed up in fourth. I love the bike and it's a simple as it gets mechanically and bulletproof. It will never be fast by today's standards. An R will eat it, a 450x will eat it. Just keep in mind your buying a compromise.

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