Lifter Colors

I have a 98' YZ400F with a 00' WR head. Now my questions are what color lifters fit what? A 98' YZF has blue or yellow lifters. A 00' WR has blue, yellow, and black. That is all the info I get from OE parts descriptions. My manual has no info about which color is for either intake or exhaust. Another question is which cams to use? Is it smarter to use the WR cams with the WR head or use the YZ cams with the WR head? Or do the cams have the same specs and it really doesn't matter? A little help please. Thanks. :)

I'm going to take a guess at that one. If you note in the parts listings, the quantity "required" for any of the three different lifter part numbers is 5. This means that any of them could be used in any or all of the 5 lifter bores. Based on that, I'll guess that there are three very slightly different sizes, probably in diameter, for selective fitting so that the lifter/bore clearance is exactly as specified. By extension, I would guess that the 3FV-12153-00-00 (black) was the standard size, because of its part number vs. the other two.

But you should check at a dealer to see if that's the case.

Thanks for the Info. I've tried to contact the closest dealer (which sucks) and have yet to get to talk to anyone. Thanks again.

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