mid range miss!!!!!

i need help with my 03 450. the engine misses when i hold the throttle steady especially over whoop sections. i have tried adjusting the fuel air screw but it does not help. the bike is new to me i have another 03 that does not have this problem. any ideas

please help!!

My bike was doing that :) When i repacked my fmfQ cuz all the packing was gone :) and now it runs smooth i don't know why but does :D

How does it run at mid throttle on smooth ground? Could be the float level. Is the screw/plug in the top of the slide that holds the needle down, in? Are all the carb/airbox boots fitted correctly and tight?

Im the search nazi you were warned about.

I had the same problem with a new/used bike. Try

1. adjust your AP timing. Make sure its correct

2. Find out what your jetting is by:

a. cleaning out the carb

3. put in new plug

4. you may be too rich. To rich can cause a midrange miss.

and check this link....


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