99 Carb tear-down and cleaning Q's

I'm going to soon be putting my 99 WR400 back together with new pro-moto custom pro-moto suspension, JD jet kit, etc. My question is about the carb, I'm having a high speed miss problem, and thought the jet kit was a good place to start. But (never start a sentence with "butt), I'm uncertain as to the proper way to approach the "cleaning" aspect of the process. I got hold of a bottle of that yamaha carb cleaner solvent and am worried about getting all of the pieces out that could be damaged by the solvent :D So, I want to basically "clean and ream" the thing, and blow out the circuits and start fresh according to JD. So, am I about to screw up my carb by melting some hidden plastic parts? How hard is this thing to properly disassemble and clean? I will be checking of course my nifty eBay pirated DVD repair manual, but I'm prepared to be "underwhelmed" by it's thouroughness on this matter. Sumbudy HEP me!

Gee thanx

Mark Sheldon

Soon to be: 99 WR400, Pro-Moto susp 3/4" lowered, JD jet, JamesNOW, PMB insert, BKmod, Airbox lid X'd, T-stopX'd, funky hand made fuel screw, D'octopussied, ceet shaved, cool moon-woman sticker, custom mounted Hella headlight, sexy Peruvian chick, twin turbos, 1 quart nitrous bottle, cuban cigar, geico insurance, OK fine. :)

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