Have a great weekend

Hey guys in BRP land.. :D Have a great weekend, Just about all loaded up and off to the coast in about a hour, for the weekend....... :D

Won't be back till monday...Yeehaw............ :D

Trailer is loaded with food and beer, trucks loaded with bikes and gear and my dog....Ill be by myself till sat. But Ill survive :)

Guess I'm kinda addicted to this place, Could'nt log on this morning... :worthy::D

Well, take care and you all have a safe and fun weekend......... :)

Have fun, Frankster. Don't get hurt out there by yourself.


enjoy the riding.

I personally hope to have the new 4.6 gallon tank installed and ready for some desert riding by this weekend.

Watch out for the sobriety checkpoints. The rollers will be out in numbers this weekend.

What Mantra said and have a great weekend, everybody. I've got two big rides planned for this weekend. Can't wait!

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