yz timing

where would I find info on how to yz time my 2000 wr400. also do you need to change the jetting. I already tried to search but it did not come up with anything



Mark, in the technical section I believe there is a link to yz cam timing instructions that are very straight forward. I just did mine and changed from stock jetting to DVP needle #4, 180 main and kept 45 pilot. Works great so far.

question guys.... on this yz timing mod...iam definently going to do this... do you need any new gaskets? for this mod? or anything other than what those instructions say.... i dont want to tear my bike down and then find out on a saturday night that i cant put it back togather due to not having a gasket or some little part that was not mentioned..... once i get this answer iam going to change immediatly....

sane shane

with my 2000 wr it opened up a whole bag of whoop-ass in the mid and upper rpm's. the low end felt about the same, maybe a little more power but nothing to write hame about. i ride mostly trails and it did make it a bit more of a handful in the tight stuff but when the trail opens up i am very glad i did it :). it definetly gives at least 3-5 hp but it felt like 5! bonez

You won't need any gasket parts, or engine parts, but you will probably need jets. Quite a few. I have taken the lid off the check the valve clearances, and I will be retiming mine sometime REALLY soon as well (waiting for parts in mail). I bought a DVP needle, a 100 PAJ, and a 48 PJ. I am already running a 175 main. That should get me close... if you have the jetting stuff go for it.

How does the YZ timing effect the low end?

Mid range? Top end?

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