2000 xr650 r white e-series to loud

I'm looking for a new pipe I just rode the sheetiron last weekend . it seem like everone was running a fmf pipe. the oakland mc made me take out some 3 disk to get it down to 10 disk.I would like to get the header pipe too. doses anyone out their have any information for me.on what to buy ?

The nice thing about the E-series pipe is it is tunable for sound and still puts out awesome performance once jetted for the amount of disk you have.

If you can get away with ten disks where you ride and they like it your are doing great! Some have to go down to eight. Find what you like as far as sound then, move your needle clip up one and you mainjet down from a 175 to a 172 or 170.

The XR's only and white brothers header pipes are good for the mid and upper hit without losing to much bottom hit. The bottom is smoothed out insted of all at once and then falls off like the stock header.


i have the fmf powerbomb and t4 and it sounds like one huge exhaust leak to me!

I am getting used to the noise but my last pig had a supertrapp EAR that barely purred loved it i could hear everyone else on the trail so i knew when i needed to stop for them.

Does seem to produce good power though that could be the 650 cc's

I have an E-series w/12discs and have passed every AMA 96db test(RPM). I was even tested at a hidden checkpoint in the midle of an enduro. :)


Pig n CR5hundy has an WB E2 on his 650 and I was surprised really how quiet it was.

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